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Financial Planning Guide

Welcome to our financial planning site. This site aims to provide you with information on all aspects of financial planning, such as why financial planning for retirement is important & resources to help you build your own financial plan should you choose to do so.

Financial planning is important because without a solid financial plan, you will not be able to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Planning Information:

· What Is A Financial Planner? - A simple explaination of what a financial planner is and how they can help you.

· Choosing A Financial Planner - How to choose a financial planner. Three questions to ask a financial planner before you hire them and what to look for in a financial planner.

· Personal Financial Planning - Interested in formulating your own financial plan? Here are some basis guidelines on how to go about it.

· Financial Planning Software - A guide to financial planning software. How it can help you.

· Retirement Planning - Information on retirement planning. Why it is important and should be a crucial part of your financial plan.

· Estate Planning - A guide to estate planning. Information about estate planning and why it is necessary.

· Wealth Management - Information about wealth management.

· 401k Plans - An explaination of what a 401k plan is. How to get the most out your 401k plan.

· Rule Of 72 - A simple rule of thumb guide to investing using the rule of 72.

· Investment Planning - A guide to investing planning. Common ways to formulate an investment plan and what it should contain.

· Investing In Real Estate - A basic guide to investing in real estate. What works and what to watch-out for.

· Investing In Stocks - Information on investing in stocks. Why stocks can play an important part in your financial plan.

· Mutual Funds - What is a mutual fund and why are they a good investment idea? Advantages of investing in mutual funds...

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