A Guide To Financial Planning By FinancialPlannerSite.com

What Is A Financial Planner?

A financial planner is a financial professional whose purpose is to help you assess your current financial situation, you financial goals (and life goals) and helps you to plan and invest for the future, in order to set you on track to achieve those financial goals. Financial planners essentially taylor a financial plan to suite your budget, goals and level of risk adversity.

Two of the major functions of a financial planner are investment planning and financial planning for retirement. Although, financial planners are essentially very flexible financial advisors who can give advice on many aspects of finance (eg. taxation) and monitor your investment portfolio.

You financial planner can also manage your finances on an on-going basis. In addition to this, they can co-ordinate your finances with your accountant, stock broker, managed funds and other relevant financial organizations. Freeing you of the hassle and paperwork!

There are financial planners that specialize in specific areas of financial planning, such as:

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

• Tax Planning

• Small Business Financial Planning

• Insurance Planning

Now that you know what a financial planner does, here are some tips on choosing a financial planner.

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